Increase Revenue 20-40% Per Location

in six months or less ...
while eliminating ALL External Marketing Costs

Increase Revenue 20-40% in Less than 12 Months, while eliminating the need for outside advertising.

Digital marketing to increase new patients. Employee training to improve conversion. Management solutions to ensure ideas are turned into action. The most comprehensive approach available to practice growth.  

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Client Success Stories

"Brian Wright is awesome!!!  He is a combination of the team from "Shark Tank" and Marcus Lemonis from "The Profit!"  He knows the ins and outs of how to grow an orthodontic practice. In addition, he is so approachable and compassionate!   He really cares about helping you and takes the time to listen to all of your questions and answer them fully.  He gives brilliant and practical recommendations that can be implemented immediately!  I highly recommend New Patient Group for managing and growing your  practice." 

Dr. Staci Frankowitz

"Over 15 years, we have struggled with implementing new protocols into our practice. When I was introduced to New Patient Group, I was skeptical at first, but they have proven themselves to us. They 100% customized their program to fit our practice needs...and it’s actually working! We’ve implemented tons of new ideas, our customer service is at a whole new level, and the staff have actually made these practices a part of the daily routine! NPG provides personalized consulting that is customized to what will work for you and your practice!"  Dr. Kristin Horman

“New Patient Group is dedicated to getting the job done for your practice. My numbers are way up. My staff is focused and taking ownership. We are now dealing with the problems of how to handle doing all this dentistry and taking care of all the new patient referrals......nice to have problems like that.”  

Dr. Rodney Rayburn

"Excellent team training. These videos are great and make it easy for our office to practice the principles of providing excellent customer service."  Dr. Vanessa Peterson

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