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Crush the competition with our award winning program that transforms your practice into an innovative, unique & thriving business. 

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 If yes, we welcome you to the NPG Family. 

 With competition at the highest levels in history, now is the time to transform your dream practice into your dream business.  NPG ensures that happens with

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Join us and realize the income and new patients you are currently missing out on.

NPG Clients Crush the National Averages

Our clients crush the competition while reducing (or even eliminating) external marketing and pay-per-click expenses.

Our Services

Select individually or bundle together for the most comprehensive practice growth program available. 


Improve Management Performance, Culture,

Accountability & Implementation.

Employee Training

Improve Team Performance, Case Acceptance,

Same Day Starts & Referrals.

Digital Marketing

Improve Brand Awareness, Search Rankings &

New Patients. Eliminate Pay-Per-Click Expenses.

Client Written Success Stories

"Brian Wright is awesome!!!  He is a combination of the team from "Shark Tank" and Marcus Lemonis from "The Profit!"  He knows the ins and outs of how to grow an orthodontic practice. In addition, he is so approachable and compassionate!   He really cares about helping you and takes the time to listen to all of your questions and answer them fully.  He gives brilliant and practical recommendations that can be implemented immediately!  I highly recommend New Patient Group for managing and growing your  practice."  

Dr. Staci Frankowiz Orthodontist

"Over 15 years, we have struggled with implementing new protocols into our practice. When I was introduced to New Patient Group, I was skeptical at first, but they have proven themselves to us. They 100% customized their program to fit our practice needs...and it’s actually working! We’ve implemented tons of new ideas, our customer service is at a whole new level, and the staff have actually made these practices a part of the daily routine! NPG provides personalized consulting that is customized to what will work for you and your practice!"  

Dr. Kristin Horman Dentist

"Brian and the squad over at NPG have been very good. Introduced via Bentson ReSource and was fortunate to hear Brian at an Align Tech meeting. Good charisma, great message. Data driven...that's my favorite part. He uses numbers and research to discuss best practices and not his personal experiences. Very responsive via text/voice/email. Solid recommend here."

Dr. Blair White - Orthodontist

Client Video Success Stories

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Upcoming NPG Events

Private GP Study Club

Oakland, CA - September 5, 2019

Keynote Speakers:

Brian Wright 


Please contact  your local area Invisalign Representative.

Align Technology Orthodontic 

Practice Development Workshop

Calgary - August 23, 2019

Keynote Speakers: 

Brian Wright. Nicole Pruitt. Dr. David Boschken


Please contact your local area Invisalign Representative.

Align Technology Orthodontic 

Practice Development Workshop

Houston, Texas - July 26, 2019

Keynote Speakers: 

Brian Wright. Nicole Pruitt. Dr. David Boschken


Please contact your local area Invisalign Representative.

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