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Welcome to DocPreneur.  A Virtual MasterMind for Doctors Wanting to Keep their Business Ahead of the Competition.

Ensure your practice functions as an innovative, unique and thriving business.  Grow yourself as a leader, CEO & Entrepreneur. Grow your business from the convenience of any internet device. 

Meet your Host

"Competition has created a commodity and the evolving consumer finds, buys and refers to a business differently as compared to years past.  I believe this has created a new economy where the better business person defeats the better clinician.  While unfortunate, it is the reality you as a clinician now face.  This new economy of change means you must love your business as much as your practice.  Simply put, you are a business owner that is also a clinician ... not the other way around.  For all the above reasons (and more), I created a virtual mastermind called, DocPreneur.

There are two key components that separate this mastermind from others.  First, the Doctors that belong are very forward-thinking.  They are always looking to improve themselves and their business in order to grow their practice.  They full grasp that they are an entrepreneur and I am proud to have some of the highest producing, well known clinicians in the world as members.  Their knowledge, along with mine, creates a powerful group that helps all of our members dominate their respective competition. 

The second key component that separates this group is the fact I am not a clinician.  I am an entrepreneur that has had several multi-million dollar companies by the age of 41.  The entire New Patient Group company and all of our services are backed by my business, consumer and marketing expertise.  The strategies, resources, tools, coaching, etc. that you will learn as a member of DocPreneur are the same essential skill-sets I have used to ensure all of my companies dominate.  I call them The Three Pillars of Business Success™ and have used them to help entrepreneurs across the globe dominate their competition

If you want to have fun, improve yourself, improve your business, learn from others that are facing the same problems you are experiencing and receive innovative entrepreneurial coaching from me ... I invite you to join the New Patient Group DocPreneur MasterMind today." 

"Brian Wright is AWESOME!!!  He is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and Marcus Lemonis from the Profit"

Dr. Staci Frankowitz

Brian Wright is an International Motivational Speaker, Business & Life Coach that Consults for, Speaks for, and/or has been Featured in:

The Changing Landscape - Why We Exist

Disruptions that are Resulting in the New Economy of Change

  • Being a Clinician and a CEO/Entrepreneur
  • Competition 
  • Price Shoppers
  • Commodity - Overabundance of Choices
  • Higher-Costs
  • Clinical vs Business Mindset
  • Managing GenZ & Millennial Patients
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Dental & Orthodontic Corporations
  • Inability to Adapt, Change and/or Innovate
  • Virtual Consultation & Other Technologies
  • Accountability, Consistency, Implementation, Etc.
  • Managing GenZ & Millennial Employees
  • Digital Marketing & YouTube

"I just wish I was taught this stuff in school ... 

These courses cover some amazing entrepreneur, business and marketing expertise applied to the specifics of my practice. We have grown so much by having the visibility of statistics other practices do not have and the overall buy in that my employees now have with everything I want to do with my practice.  These teachings by New Patient Group have really opened my eyes to a better way to set and achieve goals, bonus employees, manage my time and just operate a better business. It is one of the best investments I have ever made in my career and I highly suggest  New Patient Group."

Dr. Robert Barton 

Do you Struggle with any of the Following?

  • Stagnated Growth (Less than 12% Per Year)
  • Cash Flow and/or Profitability
  • Same Day Starts and/or Price Shoppers
  • Competition, Direct to Consumer, Etc.
  • Being a Clinician and a CEO/Entrepreneur
  • Same Day Starts and/or Price Shoppers
  • Time Management, Efficiency and/or Organization
  • Protocols, Scripting, System, Procedures
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Employee Engagement, Motivation, Etc.
  • Digital Marketing & High Advertising Costs
  • Employee Training & Human Resources
  • Treatment Acceptance and/or Conversion
  • Managing GenZ & Millennials
  • Job Descriptions and Bonuses
  • Consistency and Implementation

If you said yes to any of the above, the DocPreneur MasterMind will help.

Dr. Bob Skopek  

"Brian and NPG have been life changing for my business ...

Brian's business mindset is quite different than most healthcare advisors, which is what makes him so effective. My practice has grown double digits with no external marketing, my digital presence is awesome and my team has never been more cohesive. Thanks Brian!"

Examples of Topics Covered?

  • Leadership & Culture
  • Business, CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Revenue, Cash Flow and Profitability
  • Employee Training, Engagement & HR
  • Organizational Strategies of Famous Entrepreneurs
  • Business Strategy Innovation
  • Time Efficiency Strategies of Billionaires
  • Protocols, Systems and Processes
  • Digital Marketing, Content & Brand Awareness 
  • How to Best Handle GenZ & Millennials
  • Job Descriptions & Employee Bonuses
  • Scripting & Role Plays

"I am learning from Brian Wright valuable ... 

techniques to organize and run my business more efficiently and to improve the quality of our customer service. I would strongly recommend services of the New Patient Group to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Dr. Olga Bukholts  

NPG DocPreneur MasterMind Members Receive:

  • Live BiMonthly Virtual Meetings  
  • Access to Our Online MasterMind Chat Forum
  • Weekly Business Tips
  • Accountability, Consistency & Direction
  • $1,500 Discount on a Private VIP Coaching Workshop
  • One on One Access to our Founder & CEO
  • Discount Codes to our On-Demand Training Courses
  • One FREE Ticket to our NPG Iconic Event
  • $1,500 Discount on a Private VIP Coaching Workshop
  • One FREE Business Strategy Session

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