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A podcast focused on how to achieve your dream life and dream practice. 

What is your Dream Scenario?

or maybe it is all of the above ...

YOU ...

Your perfect life. What does that look like? This is your chance to be selfish and dream big. Write down what your dream life is as it is something different for every individual. For you, it could be to grow your practice and defeat your competition. It could be to become a better leader to get the most out of your staff. Possibly to have more freedom in your life. It could be to start your own practice. Maybe it is to become a better husband or wife. Maybe it is all of the above or something completely different. Whatever it is, you can achieve it with the right plan.  If you want your dream life and practice to become reality … You have come to the right place.

ME ...

Thousands of people have come to me when they want to take greatness to another level, when they are stuck in their personal and/or business life and/or when they want their dream life and practice to become reality. I am an online community life coaching and business growth expert. I take your big picture and help you accomplish it via “baby steps.” 

I brought this expertise into healthcare (dentistry, orthodontics and alternative specialty) because consultants within the profession do not have it. I mean this respectively, however, asking another clinician and/or healthcare consultant how to best grow your business makes no sense to me when more than 80% of your practice is business/marketing/consumer/life related. I have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, Dental Economics, The BentsonCopple reSource, University of Houston, The National Journal and more. 

I am a National Consultant & Speaker for fine institutions, such as Align Technology. I have started seven companies in seven different professions and grown them from nothing into multi-million dollar companies. I am the CoHost of the Doctor Diamond Club Podcast, CEO of New Patient Group, a Life and Business Coach, a husband and a father (those last two are my biggest passions in life).


As a team, your dreams will become reality. I take an approach that ensures your success and why thousands have come to me to achieve their dream life and/or business. Regardless of what you dream to achieve, I have a blueprint that will make it happen. The beauty of it all, is the fact it is not overwhelming or complicated. It simply requires a step by step action plan that I will outline for you. 

Together, we will work to make sure this plan is implemented each step of the way. Whether you are on a mission to change the world, ensure your practice aligns properly with your passions, wanting more free time to spend with family and/or something else ... Together, we will ensure it all comes true. YES, to a better life. YES, to a better business. YES, to a better staff. Yes, to defeating the competition. YES, to more income.

Featured Members of the Month

Dr. Regina Blevins is a leading Invisalign® Teen Producer in the world. She is the owner of Minnesota Orthodontics and an Align Technology Faculty Speaker. She is a member of the Doctor Diamond Club and also a New Patient Group client.

Dr. John White is the leading Invisalign® producer in the state of Ohio and the first ever in the state to reach Invisalign® top 1%. He is also a contributing editor to the Ortho Practice US. He is a Doctor Diamond Club Member and a New Patient Group client.

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