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A virtual study club focused on advanced clinical, business and marketing strategies used by the highest producing clinicians and most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Learn from the best and take your business (practice) to an entirely new level.

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Dr. Regina Blevins is a leading Invisalign® Teen Producer in the world. She is the owner of Minnesota Orthodontics and an Align Technology Faculty Speaker. She is also a New Patient Group client.

Brian Wright is the CEO of New Patient Group, a National Speaker and has been featured in Forbes, Dental Economics, and well known publications. He is also the Co-Host of the Diamond Club Podcast and writes articles for the BentsonCopple Resource.

Dr. John White is the leading Invisalign® producer in the state of Ohio and the first ever in the state to reach Invisalign® top 1%. He is also a contributing editor to the Ortho Practice US and a New Patient Group client.

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From time to time we like to make our exclusive virtual study club webinars available to the public. Members receive these webinars in a structured fashion that take them through a life journey of how to best operate their organization and how to be the best clinician as well. We hope you enjoy and look forward to you becoming a member an exclusive division of New Patient Group created for doctors and office managers that realize growing a practice today requires a different approach than ever before.

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