The 4 Emotional Needs of a Patient by Valerie Kendrick

The 4 Emotional Needs of a Patient

Every patient walking into a healthcare practice needs their emotional needs to be met. They expect knowledge and expertise from their provider and now they need to know you will treat them with care and concern. The 4 emotional needs  every patient requires are comfort, confidence, reassurance, and peace of mind.

Patients want to feel secure knowing they have made a good decision by choosing you as their provider. The comfort they are looking for is both emotional and physical. They want to avoid pain and they want to be put at ease with a warm and welcoming greeting. The confidence they need will come from being given enough information to make a good decision about their care. Patients don’t need to know how to make a crown or how to straighten teeth. They need to know how a crown will protect their tooth and how straighter teeth will prevent future more expensive problems. The reassurance needs to come from hearing how you have helped others with the same condition. No patient wants to feel alone on the road to improving their health. Finally, patients need peace of mind. This will come from their certainty that you have their best interest at heart. You must provide patients with the best solution for them and the why behind it.

Start using these 4 words in your conversations with patients and watch for the positive response!

-Written by our VIP Coach, Valerie Kendrick

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