The Best Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices!

Dr. John Haag and his Office Manager (and wife) Debbie, share some thoughts on why New Patient Group offers the best marketing strategies for dental practices wanting to use internal marketing to improve the new patient experience, new patient phone call and overall dental employee performance. 

New Patient Group offers interesting concepts and suggestions, far different than the run-of-the-mill consulting company, and designs a custom plan that works for and suits your practice. The patients of our clients feel cared for when the whole staff learns how to apply 5-Star Customer Service, which brings in more patients and keeps them coming back for more! Dr. Haag has excellently applied our strategies and has seen the benefits of a streamlined process with our amazing Invisalign Growth Program while saving him time and gaining more patients every day! His commitment to his staff, practice, and patients shows and he will reap the benefits of those relationships for years to come!

You can completely renovate your practice with our fun and efficient programs and make 2019 your best year yet! 

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