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We believe in what the most famous organizations call the "inside-out" approach to growth. The main focus is how to convert at higher levels because those same strategies also help generate more new patients at a lesser cost than any outside advertising is capable of doing. Then, when those referrals call the practice, you convert them into treatment and additional referrals at higher levels than you otherwise would have. Meanwhile, your digital presence builds by doing the things other people will not, such as producing content that engages people online. Eventually, you control the first page of Google, YouTube and dominate the social media platforms. While your digital presence builds your conversion and referral rate keeps increasing because of the consistent, ongoing training. This entire mentioned pattern continues to a point where you can literally eliminate all outside advertising costs and the business components of your practice become on growth auto-pilot. The beauty of this approach is the fact it works better and better the more competitive a particular industry becomes. Throughout this growth process it allows for expenditures on outside advertising to be consistently reduced. In fact, when this process achieves its peak performance it allows for the elimination of all outside advertising expenses. 

This is what the most famous organizations in all professions have done to achieve their success and it defines the "inside-out" growth approach. Ensure you have the highest trained employees, the best functioning management team and the best digital presence. That is what we believe and why our reputation remains strong across the globe for growing practices at record levels. We look forward to taking this journey with you, your employees and your organization.

"Over 15 years, we have struggled with implementing new protocols into our practice. When I was introduced to New Patient Group, I was skeptical at first, but they have proven themselves to us. They 100% customized their program to fit our practice needs...and it’s actually working! We’ve implemented tons of new ideas, our customer service is at a whole new level, and the staff have actually made these practices a part of the daily routine! NPG provides personalized consulting that is customized to what will work for you and your practice!" Dr. Kristin Horman

A Comprehensive Program to:

Increase Revenue

Reduce Overhead

Improve Culture

Increase Value Prop.

Increase Referrals

Improve Compliance

Reduce Stress

Increase New Patients

Increase Profitability

Improve Staff Performance

Improve Business Acumen

Outperform Competition

Improve Communication

Improve Efficiency

Meet Our executive Team

Brian Wright
Chief Executive Officer

  • CEO - New Patient Group
  • Consultant & Speaker - Align Technology, the Maker's of Invisalign®
  • CoHost - Doctor Diamond Club Podcast
  • Author - BentsonCopple reSource

Brian Wright is a Global Speaker and Chief Executive Officer of New Patient Group. His companies have been featured in well known publications, such Forbes, CNBC, The National Journal and more. He has been featured in the "Ask the Expert" section of Dental Economics and currently writes articles for the well known orthodontic publication, The BentsonCopple eResource. Mr. Wright has successfully grown companies all over the world and specializes in teaching business owners how to function like high-level CEOs.

Eric Field
Chief Operational Officer & VIP Coach

  • COO - New Patient Group
  • National Speaker

Eric Field is the Chief Operational Officer of New Patient Group. He and has spent almost two decades in healthcare with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Align Technology. In those organizations, Eric was responsible for working directly with practices looking to maximize their growth. He helped design training and marketing concepts to launch within practices for lasting benefits and trained the sales teams within those organizations to do the same in their respective market spaces.

Vinh Tu
Chief Marketing Officer

CMO - New Patient Group

Vinh Tu is the Chief Marketing Officer of New Patient Group. He has spent two decades in healthcare with well known companies such as The Spear Institute. He is the leader of our marketing division and also works closely with our clients to ensure their success. Vinh also has a passion for teaching as his expertise is trusted by highly respected Universities in a multitude of subjects. Mr. Tu has helped grow practices across the country and his marketing expertise is unsurpassed.

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