A Fresh, Unique Perspective on How to Best Grow your Practice(s)

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Everything is Marketing ... Literally Everything

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Marketing is anything that has a direct or indirect impact on how a person perceives your business. Therefore, everything is marketing. New Patient Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of digital and internal marketing services proven to increase incoming call volume, while simultaneously increasing conversion.

Our internal marketing services (phone training, team building, customer service, CEO training, consumer psychology, etc.) focus on improving culture, systems and conversion. This leads to an increase in staff and management performance by providing the ongoing consumer, commercial training required to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Our online marketing services (custom web design, social media, etc.) focus on improved brand awareness, search rankings and value proposition. This leads to an increase in new patient call volume, online interaction, search rankings and referrals.

Our services are offered individually or bundled. Contact us today to learn more and we look forward to a wonderful partnership.

Welcome to
New Patient Group

Everything is Marketing ... Literally Everything

A Fresh, Unique Perspective on How to Best Grow Healthcare Practices

A Comprehensive Program to:

Increase Revenue

Reduce Overhead

Improve Culture

Increase Value Prop.

Increase Referrals

Improve Compliance

Reduce Stress

Increase New Patients

Increase Profitability

Improve Staff Performance

Improve Business Acumen

Outperform Competition

Improve Communication

Improve Efficiency

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Growing a practice today requires a different mindset, skill-set, and approach than in the past. With a savvy consumer and competitive marketplace, the commercial aspects (business acumen, consumer psychology, customer service, and more) of a practice must be performed at higher levels than ever before. Therefore, a practice must partner with commercial expertise in order to achieve ultimate success. This is another reason our solutions and client results are superior. Not only have we successfully grown dental, orthodontic and other alternative specialty practices across the globe, our team of experts has also been trusted by fine commercial institutions as well. These include Align Technology, Johnson & Johnson, GTX Corp, NASA and many others. This commercial expertise is invaluable for practices wanting to stand out from their competition and grow at record levels.

Brian Wright
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Wright is a National Keynote Speaker and Chief Executive Officer of New Patient Group. His companies have been featured in well known publications, such Forbes, CNBC, The National Journal and more. He has been featured in the "Ask the Expert" section of Dental Economics and currently writes articles for the well known orthodontic publication, The BentsonCopple eResource. Mr. Wright has successfully grown companies all over the world and specializes in teaching business owners how to function like high-level CEOs.

Eric Field
Chief Operational Officer & VIP Coach

Eric Field is the Chief Operational Officer of New Patient Group. He and has spent almost two decades in healthcare with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Align Technology. In those organizations, Eric was responsible for working directly with practices looking to maximize their growth. He helped design training and marketing concepts to launch within practices for lasting benefits and trained the sales teams within those organizations to do the same in their respective market spaces.

Vinh Tu
Chief Marketing Officer

Vinh Tu is the Chief Marketing Officer of New Patient Group. He has spent two decades in healthcare with well known companies such as The Spear Institute. He is the leader of our marketing division and also works closely with our clients to ensure their success. Vinh also has a passion for teaching as his expertise is trusted by highly respected Universities in a multitude of subjects. Mr. Tu has helped grow practices across the country and his marketing expertise is unsurpassed.

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