If I Only Learned Earlier – Motivational

A fresh, unique perspective that dentistry and orthodontics needs. The facts are growing a practice today requires a different mindset, skill-set, and approach than in the past. Unfortunately, the best clinician no longer wins ... the best business wins. Right or wrong, the non-clinical aspects that make up more than 80% of your organization (5-Star Customer Service, CEO Abilities, Culture Building, Implementation Abilities, New Patient Phone Call, Financial Presentation, Business Acumen, Consumer Psychology, Digital Marketing, etc.) are what separates a practice from the competition and why people choose you instead of someone else. 

Therefore, we offer dental and orthodontic practices a unique opportunity for exponential growth by providing them with outside of healthcare business, consumer and marketing expertise.  Our services encompass the growth strategies of the finest business to consumer organizations (Apple, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Ritz Carlton) that all sit on the top of their respective professions. We believe these strategies brought into the practice environment are critical in order for a practice to thrive in a competitive marketplace with a rapidly changing consumer. This "commercial" expertise is proven to solve the most common and uncommon problems that exist within the practice environment, while increasing revenue 20-40% per location within the first 12 months or less.

From ensuring management builds the proper culture, to how employees perform the commercial components of their job and/or how to dominate your competition with an unsurpassed digital presence ... If you are serious about separating yourself from the competition, New Patient Group is the answer for your practice(s). Contact us today and we look forward to learning more about your organization.

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