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Services Overview

We create the finest management teams, highest performing employees and most unique digital marketing presence all under "one-roof." Select any of our services individually or combine them together as part of the most comprehensive business growth program available.

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Our Services

A proven three step program to grow double digits per year, while reducing (oftentimes eliminating) the need to spend on outside advertising and pay-per-click.  Achieve growth auto-pilot and save thousands in the process.  First, we provide management with the essential tools necessary to improve accountability, culture and implementation.  This helps lower the stress on you and helps generate a more effective business.  Second, we train employees on the invaluable skill-set to best convert on the new patient phone call, financial presentation and everywhere in between.  Third, we create a unique digital marketing presence that improves your brand, online visibility and dominates the competition. 

Select our services individually or bundled.
  • ​Management / Accountability
  • ​Employee Training
  • ​Digital Marketing

Become the envy in your community by creating the finest trained employees through online courses, mystery shoppers and personalized coaching sessions. Improve employee performance, case acceptance and referrals.

​Services Overview

Our services create a story of excellence that explains to consumers why they should become a patient at your practice, purchase treatment at your practice and then spread the word throughout your community on why others should do the same. Simply put, we get people to say, "Wow!" via every interaction they have with your practice. Our services are 100% customized to the type of doctor you are without any cookie-cutter solutions. Select our services individually or combine them all together for the most comprehensive practice growth program available to dentists, orthodontists and alternative specialty doctors.

The new patient experience begins by creating an online brand of excellence that dominates the competition and shows people searching online why your practice is the place to be. Custom web design, social media, YouTube marketing and more built around the personalities within your business just like a custom home. We make sure everything you do online represents a user experience that is unique, customized and tailored around giving people the finest online experience imaginable. This leads to an increase in search rankings, online exposure, conversions, incoming call volume and lessens the need to spend money on pay-per-click advertising.

Our employee training continues the story with training that pertains to the new patient phone call, new patient experience, financial presentation and more. The comprehensive training focuses on 5-Star Customer Service, Verbiage, Presentation Skills and many more items that give your employees an invaluable skill-set required in today's competitive marketplace. This all ensures people receive an innovative, unique and exceptional experience via every aspect of the appointment process inside your office. This leads to increased conversions, efficiencies, revenue, referrals and lessens the need for outside advertising costs. We bring our famous employee training to the convenience of your office via any internet accessible device via online training videos, mystery shoppers and webinar coaching sessions. These are all available for instant purchase on our online store. In addition, we also offer VIP On-Site Coaching Sessions.

Our management training brings everything discussed above and ties it all together to create an organization that is forever on growth auto-pilot. Our comprehensive management program focuses on business coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, culture building, proper statistical tracking, time efficiency strategies of billionaires and much more. It also provides you with the necessary tools for improved accountability, oversight and implementation. This all leads to a culture of success, employees that are motivated to follow defined systems, less stress on you and a superior experience for your patients. We bring our famous management training to the convenience of your office via any internet accessible device via online training videos, mystery shoppers, and our famous Practice Virtual Platform™. These are all available for instant purchase on our online store. In addition, we also offer VIP On-Site Coaching Sessions.

We invite you to allow us to create a story on behalf of your practice(s) that your competition (both in and out of healthcare) cannot compete with. Grow at record levels, convert more lost opportunities, have better insight to your business, reduce stress and spend far less than your competition on outside advertising. Crush the competition with the Three Pillars to Business Success ... Digital Marketing ... Employee Training ... Superior Management. Contact us today and here's to your success!

Brian and NPG have been absolutely life changing for my business. They are not about gimmicks or quick fixes, but rather implementing exceptional and highly ethical sales and business principles that really allow me to focus on my patients. Brian's business mindset is quite different than most healthcare advisors, which is what makes him so effective. My practice has grown double digits with no external marketing, my digital presence is awesome and my team has never been more cohesive. Thanks Brian!

Dr. ​Bob ​Skopek

A Comprehensive Program to

Increase Revenue

​Increase New Patients

​Reduce Overhead

​​Increase Profitability

​Improve Culture

​Improve Staff Performance

​Increase Value Prop.

​Improve Business Acumen

​Increase Referrals

​Outperform Competition

​Improve Compliance

​Improve Communication

​​Reduce Stress

Improve Efficiency

​In The Community