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"Brian Wright Is A Combination Of The Team From Shark Tank And Marcus Lemonis From The Profit."

- Dr Staci Frankowitz

NPG for 8 months and have seen about 15% growth...

-Dr. Olga Bukholts

We have had a significant increase in Internet-based referrals...

-Brad Leiker

Brian and the squad over at NPG have been very...

-Dr. Blair White

Excellent team training...

-Vanessa Peterson

NPG is worth the time!.....

-Dr. Jep Paschal

If there were 6 stars I would select that...

-Michael Hagan DDS

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"Brian Wright is a combination of the team from Shark Tank and Marcus Lemonis from The Profit." -Dr. Staci Frankowitz

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Whitlock Orthodonties


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Dental Receptionist Training

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We are proudly trusted by the finest clinicians in the world for

business coaching, employee training and/or online marketing.

Dr. Jep Paschal

Dr. Drew Ferris

Dr. Regina Blevins

Dr. Bart Isawuik

Dr. John Graham

Dr. Stuart Frost

Dr. Bob Skopek

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    Dr. Edward Murdoch


    "Thank you to Brian and the team at NPG ...
    our office is now being trained in a systematic and thorough way to ensure that all team members are on the same page. We love the idea of keeping things 'Smart' and Simple'. We are excited about what the future holds for our office."

    Feb 05 , 2018 - New York"

    Dr. Sarina Tinnel


    "Talk about ahead of the curve ...
    NPG has helped us tremendously with patient and employee engagement. They have also transformed me as a business owner by helping me achieve an entrepreneurial mindset that consultants in healthcare just cannot help with. NPG is spot on with everything they do and teach."

    May 31 , 2019 - New York"

    Dr. Blair White


    "Brian and the squad over at NPG have been very ...
    good. Introduced via Bentson ReSource and was fortunate to hear Brian at an Align Tech meeting. Good charisma, great message. Data driven...that's my favorite part. He uses numbers and research to discuss best practices and not his personal experiences. Very responsive via text/voice/email. Solid recommend here."

    Apr 26 , 2019 - New York"

    Dr. Olga Bukholts

    "I have been a client of the New Patient Group for 8 months ...
    I have been a client of the New Patient Group for 8 months and have seen about 15% growth of my Orthodontics practice in a very challenging and over saturated market. More importantly, I am learning from Brian Wright valuable techniques to organize and run my business more efficiently and to improve the quality of our customer service. I would strongly recommend services of the New Patient Group to anyone looking to take their business to the next level "

    Mar 01 , 2019 - New York"

    Dr. Jep Paschal


    "First met Brian Wright at a meeting he presented at. While listening to him speak, I realized he as painting a picture of the practice that I wanted to be. Hired him and New Patient Group on the spot and we couldn’t be happier. I joke with him that I could never work under the same roof, but if you think about it that is kinda the point. Being a typical small business owner I hire people I want to be around everyday. Not people that hold me accountable. Brian and NPG are coaches for our practice and make me better! They help you establish your goals and implement them, and give you access to world class recourses to work from. Been in dentistry for 27 years and can honestly say that if you are looking to actually work on your practice and business and have someone look over you shoulder and keep you on target then NPG is worth the time!"

    Oct 23 , 2019 - New York"

    Brad Leiker


    "My orthodontic practice enlisted in the services of New Patient Group about 9 months ago. We are having our best year ever so far. After going through an initial transition, we have had several months in a row of our best ever. We are still implementing changes to our new patient experience and presentation and are continuing to see improvement in our new patient conversion ratio as well.New Patient Group is also handling our website and social media marketing. We have had a significant increase in Internet-based referrals and have had multiple compliments on our new web site design.Overall, we are happy with the results we have seen to this point and are excited to move forward with New Patient Group."

    Sep 23 , 2017 - New York"

    Michael Hagan DDS


    "This organization has made a total transition in my practice. I have been in practice for over 30 years and this has been one of the best decisions I have made to improve my practice.They have energized myself and my staff. I highly recommend them. If there were 6 stars I would select that."

    Jan 23 , 2016 - New York"

    Shelly Otte

    Practice Leader

    "I am the Practice Facilitator at Corporate Lakes Dental and we started with New Patient Group in the fall of 2017. Since partnering with NPG we have seen our Invisalign case numbers triple, our team has become experts in Invisalign conversations, and the phone training and patient experience training has made us offer the very best to our patients. As the practice facilitator, the NPG dashboard has helped me be more efficient and confident in all of my management tasks. Being able to track all of our metrics and having accountability from all of my team has elevated our success. The HR functions of the dashboard are extremely helpful and it makes training a breeze! Social media marketing has become fun and simple thanks to NPG's proven strategies that are easy to implement. I can confidently recommend NPG. 5 Stars! Their team is full of experience and expertise! Great to partner with!"

    Jun 01 , 2018 - New York"

    Renea Hanks

    Founder at MODA Fragranza

    "New Patient Group has the knowledge, experience and strategic plan to catapult businesses, not only dental practices. As a software expert who teaches companies how to use technology to increase revenue and increase productivity, New Patient Group's platform is on the cusp of innovation. It is robust and fairly priced. They have the formula needed to stay competitive and profitable in today's landscape."

    Aug 01 , 2017 - New York"

    Vanessa Peterson

    Senior Principal Research

    "Excellent team training. These videos are great and make it easy for our office to practice the principles of providing excellent customer service."

    Feb 01 , 20119 - New York"

    Let's have a chat and learn more about your business to help customize the right services for you.

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