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Our services encompass digital marketing to generate more new patients, training to increase conversion and management solutions that provide complete oversight into every aspect of your business. Our services can be purchased a-la-carte or bundled as part of a comprehensive program that ensures everything works in harmony together to improve every aspect of the practice.  View examples of below.

Employee & Management Training

Video Based Employee Training Courses

Ensure your employees have the necessary skill-set for a superior patient experience and increased referrals, conversions, same day starts, revenue and 5-Star reviews. All employee training topics come with the option of adding an assigned coach that works closely with your practice(s) via a series of webinars and/or on-site sessions. All trainings are 100% customized to the type of practice you own.

Watch an example training video from our Receptionist Certification Course™

Video Based Business & Marketing Courses


Finding the time to work on your practice is hard enough, so how do you find the time to work on your business? Our video based business, marketing and consumer courses solve the problems that come with running your own practice. Lack of time, lack of convenience and many others. Our executive level courses focus on leadership, culture, being a great entrepreneur and how to gain visibility of your business in ways your competition does not. These trainings can be purchased on our store along with the option of having an assigned coach work closely with you and your organization.

Watch an example training video from our Employee Performance Course™

Virtual and/or On-Site Coaching Sessions

All of our employee training services come with the option of adding an assigned coach that works closely with you and your employees via a series of ongoing webinar based and/or on-site sessions. This ensures your employee and/or management training investment gets implemented in a structured, efficient and timely manner.  

Meet one of our VIP Coaches and Chief Operational Officer of NPG.

Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Calls & Patient Appointments

If the finest institutions (Starbucks, Walt Disney, Ritz Carlton) use mystery shoppers to ensure exceptional employee performance and conversion, why wouldn't you?  Our mystery shopper services provide you the ultimate in visibility. You have a choice of recorded mystery calls and/or having an actual patient show up and record their entire appointment start to finish. This is another reason why our clients are so successful because we ensure implementation happens. Receive this recording directly to your inbox along with a virtual coach that breaks down every aspect of the call and/or appointment. If you utilize our webinar and/or on-site coaching your assigned coach will utilize these recordings to help customize the training to ensure your success.

Digital Marketing

Custom Web Design & SEO

Ask your website company if they are also trusted by companies outside of healthcare that must get consumers to choose them over someone else. If the answer is no, why would you trust them with your business?  We are proudly trusted by doctors, lawyers, financial firms and many other business to consumer organizations. 

YouTube Marketing

Google purchased YouTube as it is on the path to overtaking Google as the largest search engine. Why? People watch videos now more than they read. This leaves a unique opportunity for your practice to forever control the first page of both Google and YouTube. Watch this video for a further explanation of how this marketing philosophy can propel your practice to first page search engine results and significantly increase your new patient numbers.

Social Media Marketing & Management

If you are looking for an increase in likes, shares, brand awareness and new patients, then our social media program is for you. Our social media program includes custom content, videos, photos, contests and more. We post on several social media platforms multiple times every day.  Watch the video for a complete overview of our social media program.

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A Comprehensive Program to:

Increase Revenue

Reduce Overhead

Improve Culture

Increase Value Prop.

Increase Referrals

Improve Compliance

Reduce Stress

Increase New Patients

Increase Profitability

Improve Staff Performance

Improve Business Acumen

Outperform Competition

Improve Communication

Improve Efficiency

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