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We believe people purchase your experience and we believe owning a practice should be less stressful. 

Why We Exist

The latest Harris Interactive Study (performed in and out of healthcare) found that almost 90% of people choose a business because of the quality of their customer service rather than how good their treatments/services actually are.   According to Forbes, the average 18 year old sees more than 10,000 marketing messages on a given day.  Another recent study from Forbes indicates people now use YouTube when searching for a business more often than Google.  

The reality of what these studies prove (and we could list hundreds more) is competition is at the highest levels in history, people purchase an experience as their first priority, people have changed how they search for a business online, how they decide whether or not to buy from a business and so much more.   Simply put, the better business and the better experience, now defeats the better clinician.  We believe that is unfortunate; however, it has become reality. 

For all of these reasons we believe the business, consumer and marketing aspects of your practice must thrive unlike ever before in history.  When all of these components function in harmony it lessens the stress on management and helps create the finest experience imaginable for employees and patients.  It also reduces (often times eliminates) the need to spend money on outside advertising and pay-per-click.  You must create a story of excellence every step of the way that dominates all other businesses people can choose to spend their money.  The moment people begin searching online, to the time they call and every other touchpoint along the way. 


We believe you need real business, marketing and consumer expertise to best grow your practice.  You need a company that knows the practice environment inside and out but specializes in growing all types of businesses looking to thrive in a competitive marketplace.  Enter New Patient Group.  We have three divisions under one roof to ensure all the above comes together to work in harmony.  We believe your practice can be on growth auto-pilot just as the rest of our clients are.  We believe your practice can become the envy in your community.  We also believe you can crush the competition while spending far less than they do on outside advertising.  The beauty is the fact we can do all of this for you with a powerful three step program all under one roof.   Digital Marketing ... Employee Training ... Management/Accountability. We have you covered from Point A to Point Z and everywhere in between.  We look forward to working with you and contact us today.

Welcome to
New Patient Group

A Comprehensive Program to:

Increase Revenue

Reduce Overhead

Improve Culture

Increase Value Prop.

Increase Referrals

Improve Compliance

Reduce Stress

Increase New Patients

Increase Profitability

Improve Staff Performance

Improve Business Acumen

Outperform Competition

Improve Communication

Improve Efficiency

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